About Us

Who we are

Product Trade was founded in 2019 by a kiwi based in Auckland who saw an opportunity to serve the community with high quality products at an affordable price with a twist. At Product Trade we will not sell cheap imported crap from a 3rd world countries. We will ONLY sell high quality products made in New Zealand.

Quality Quality Quality

We all know that retail is going in the wrong direction. Personally I do not like it how most of the massive retailers have been importing flimsy, brittle, low quality product from 3rd world countries where the living conditions are terrible. It is unfair how the local manufacturing companies have to suffer because they make products in out glorious country and struggle to compete.


Kiwis have some of the highest profile jobs around the world in design, engineering and management. Our country deserve to be a maker not an importer. Lets all thrive together.

High quality, No compromise

- Tomas C Mendes

Our values

Let us assure you, that with each purchase you made. You can be sure that the product is high quality and made to last. As well as the product is manufactured and designed locally.



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